My dear husband likes to say that I’m an old lady trapped in a young woman’s body.  Hogwash and poppycock.  I just love old stuff!  So, when I met Jessie (a manhattan sipping scarf knitter with a dog named after Theodore Roosevelt) in 2008 I found a kindred spirit.  If you hadn’t guessed, she loves old stuff as much as I do!  After a long courtship, the idea of Mint Home started to grow.  With an investment of $50, our friend Juan Migana’s old chevy blazer, and cinco punto uno blaring on the radio, we set out. We found an old French provincial cabinet, refurbished it in mint green, and presto chango;  Mint Home was born!  Fast forward six years, and we find ourselves each with a baby girl (in addition to our first loves, Ty and Reza), a brick and mortar storefront, a router, a table saw, two jigsaws, and more 6” orbital sander carcasses then we know what to do with (lifetime guarantee? fiddlesticks). 

Having refurbished over 2,000 pieces now, we felt it a natural progression to start making our own furniture.  And as Jessie’s partner and CEO of drawer tracks Benjamin Shay would say, we have waaaaaayyyyyy too many ideas!  We are starting with a few core designs and building a catalogue from there.  Our designs are modern, simplistic and reminiscent of vintage furniture we have come across and loved. 

If you pop into our store, you’ll find our refurbished furniture in colors that we feel are indicative of the era in which they were born.  You’ll also discover vintage found objects that are truly unique and come with their own story.  We also feature a wide variety of goodies handcrafted by artists throughout the country.  Every artist that we feature, every piece of furniture we work and rework, and every found object we truly love.  And as my dear husband once said on facebook, “home is anywhere, or anything, or anyone that I love.” So, welcome to Mint Home!  We hope you’ll find something special that feels like home.